5 Tips to Keep Our Beaches Clean

    Whether it’s a quick visit to the beach or a long vacation in a rented beach house, it is important to keep our beaches clean. We want to leave only footprints, not waste. Too keep our beaches beautiful, here are five ways to keep our beaches clean.

    1.  Use Reusable Bags, Containers, & Silverware  

    scott-webb-125443Bringing plastic can lead to you forgetting it at the beach or disposing of it improperly. To make sure that doesn’t happen, just bring reusable items! This ensures you to keep track of your items and bring them all back. Plus, you won’t be wasting paper or plastic.

    2. Bring a Trash Bag

    If you are bringing items that you’ll end up throwing away, then it is best to bring a trash bag with you! It will keep your trash from blowing away if it’s windy, and you can easily toss it in a trash can on your way out from the fun day at the beach. If you see trash on the beach, feel free to toss it in your bag as well! Every little thing helps.

    3. Pick Up After Your Pets


    We love bringing our fuzzy friends to the beach. It is a great time for the dog to get out and run. Remember, be sure to pick up after them because no one wants to unexpectedly step in something. We also don’t want to have its waste in the ocean either.

    4. Use “Green” Sunscreen

    It is extremely important to use sunscreen, but the sunscreen we use has been damaging the ocean and reef. If it is possible, try to switch to eco-friendly sunscreens! 

    5. Beach Bonfires (If Your Beach Allows It)


    We all love a good marshmallow roasting on the beach after a long day in the sun. Make sure you keep a safe distance from the dunes, do not burn your trash in the fire, be careful when putting the fire out and be sure to take everything back with you. Some beaches do not allow open fires, so be sure to check your beach rules!

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