Be Prepared for Hurricane Season!

    Florida stands at great risk for tropical storms and hurricanes each year due to its geographical position and proximity to large bodies of water, and it’s especially important to prepare when living close to the coast. As we enter the heart of hurricane season in Florida, preparing for storms of this magnitude can seem overwhelming. However, these simple tips can help you endure these months!

    • Be prepared!
    • Draw and learn evacuation routes
    • Make sure your home meets the standards to withstand a hurricane
    • Have tools, supplies (drinking water, nonperishable food, etc.), important documents, a road map, and a first aid kit
    • Have flashlights and batteries
    Once a Warning is Issued
    • Go to high ground
    • Protect windows (storm shutters are ideal)
    • Secure outside objects if possible
    • Fuel your car
    • Make sure your supplies are properly stocked
    • Pay attention to local news-if told to evacuate, do so!
    During the Storm
    • Stay inside and away from windows
    • Don’t use candles or other fire hazards
    • Monitor local news on either television or radio
    • Be on the lookout for storm surges-an abnormal rise in water level, sometimes reaching up to 2o feet and spanning many miles along the coast
    • Don’t drive along the roads, as flash floods pose life-threatening dangers
    • Stay as far from the coast as possible-rip currents and incredibly high wind speeds are both very unsafe as well
    After the Storm
    • Make sure the storm has passed in entirety before going outside
    • Report any power lines that are down and keep your distance from them
    • Be patient and err on the side of caution-it is always better to be safe than sorry!

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