The Natural Side of Saint Augustine

    © Can Stock Photo / SeanPavonePhoto
    © Can Stock Photo / SeanPavonePhoto

    Saint Augustine’s extensive history is not the only thing that keeps its residents and visitors in awe. The nature surrounding the city takes your breath away. The beaches are bursting with life with every crashing wave. There are trails to bike and hike, slowly taking you to another world. The ocean holds amazing wonders that you can snorkel, dive or explore by boat.


    Hiking & Biking & Camping

    There are numerous trails in Saint Augustine. Three fantastic Florida State Parks are Anastasia State Park, Washington Oaks Garden State Park, and Faver-Dykes State Park. All three parks have great nature trails to hike and bike. Bring snacks and water because you will be spending hours here trying to take in the scenery. You can camp at Anastasia and Faver-Dykes State Park to experience nature at night as well.


    Snorkeling & Scuba Diving

    Grab your snorkeling gear and visit the St. Augustine Aquarium. You can snorkel with Florida reef fish and rays. Also, if you want to go out in the ocean, there are multiple dive shops in Saint Augustine. You can sign up to go on a day trip to go explore the Saint Augustine sea. Through iDive you can participate in a spearfishing, lobstering and pleasure diving for a day.


    Eco Toursimg_3589

    For eco tours you can kayak, sail even or go on a boating tour. You will have the opportunity to explore the unseen parts of Saint Augustine, the animals that inhabit the area and create lifetime memories. You will learn about the vibrant wildlife on any adventure you choose. Whether you’re kayaking, sailing, or boating you will see the other beautiful side of Saint Augustine!

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